Sunday, May 15, 2011

skein three

skein 3: 1oz
this is 1oz from my lb.+ of  corriedale, which seemed much easier to use.
1 oz predrafted corriedale
i split it lengthwise and pre-drafted it to add a second ounce.
skein 3: 2oz corriedale
the second ounce didn’t go on as well for some reason.  problems with take up as the bobbin filled made it somewhat thicker and thinner than the first ounce, although nowhere near so bad as yesterday’s yarf. maybe should have done two 1oz bobbins and plied them instead of filling one?
i think i’ll do another bobbin.
do i have to let them rest overnight before plying them?
well, i tried, but plying is just not working:  the final result is not much better than yesterday’s.  after 9 or 10  straight hours, the weekend is over now.   i broke it off and gave up. i am sad.
til next week.
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  1. i think it's pretty! but i am far from a perfectionist... so you usually have to tighten the tension a bit as your bobbin fills, because the ratio changes. i usually tighten just a little at a time, maybe 1/4 inch. just wanted to make sure you know this!