Sunday, January 15, 2012

first try

i bought a paper bagful of raw wool (about 2 lbs) from  martha when i was in brigadoon at christmas and this is the result of my first try at prepping a handful.  not great, but good for a first try!  the theory works, anyway.

5 yd test skein


washed a handful last weekend, but still a bit sticky.

first wash

made two rolags, kinda….

kinda rolagrolag?

spun the first single:

1st single1st single

then the second single (definitely easier):

2nd single2nd single

and it made a five yd. test skein:

5 yd test skeinDSCN3339

i made them on liz, and one of her bobbins (the first one) is definitely bad: the bearing inside causes it to stick and pulls out completely.  i wonder how i can fix it?