Sunday, February 26, 2012

first jo bobbin


at last! it seemed like i  spun on this forever!  i’m told a full jo bobbin is 6 oz., but with the chip, let’s call it just under that.. i wound off the 25 or so wpi singles onto three storage bobbins and determined to ply two of them.DSCN3320


but then i discovered jo doesn’t like to reverse!

i managed about 18 yds. on jo before throwing in the towel-- which is too bad, because look how nicely balanced it is.


all  washed up it looks like this, 19 wpi, or just fingering weight.


so, after much assistance from the ravellers, it was determined that plying might better be done on liz.


and it was a breeze and i stuffed the bobbin


but i was amazed to find that i’d used up almost all of each one!


and when i wound it off, it only came to 178 yds.,


and twisted Z quite badly.:(


it’s not as soft, either, being over plied, i guess (i treadled 4 twist and 4 takeup, but perhaps i should have stuck with the 3/3 i did in jo; i thought i’d need to compensate for her smaller drive wheel…)  but we’ll see what happens after washing.  i weighed it on my highly accurate kitchen scale (!) and it came  to only about 3oz.



so that means that the whole bobbin was barely 5 ozs?  and that will give me around 300 yds. per bobbin, is that right?  actually seems pretty close to what i was getting on liz, alone, or so it seems to me.

more practice!

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