Sunday, December 11, 2011

first muffler

the grey one, all blocked out to about 60 X 6.25”


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bobbin 2



here they are together for comparison:


its says they’re bfl, but i swear they acted more like merino.  now i think i’ll let the twist set overnight and then ply them when i get home tomorrow, or tuesday.  i’m supposed to go to a union thing tomorrow evening…:(  and i forgot to get the car serviced, so i have to do that some afternoon, somewhere…

Saturday, December 10, 2011

first bobbin done


my handy little wpi tool says these singles are 20wpi.  (the picture is magnified, f course.)

one down

one muffler down, one to go.


just off the needles, 54” X 6” before blocking, first handspun project besides test socks for me; these are for the guys in brigadoon, where i learned to spin..  don’t really wanna block before i get the other one done, for which i must spin laceweight of this:


and so that will be my weekend.  next one? in brigadoon!!!!!!!