Monday, August 29, 2011


yesterday i finally spun on mystery!  i wanted to blog about it, but this is monday and i’m ded, so for now here are three pictures of the results.  she sure spins fine yarn, and the tiny bobbin holds only 87 yards of 2ply!


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Saturday, August 27, 2011


now that school has started again (and now that i’m once again in a school that makes me like my job such that i think i actually may survive!) it’s time to start up everything else again, too, i suppose.  i haven’t really spun very much at all since i got back from brigadoon a month ago, not to mention working on any of my restoration projects.  i’ve been so disheartened at the loss of bonnie’s hardware, but today jerseylightning has been doing a great job of encouraging me to keep up hope, and i discovered that i had only cleaned—and so only lost--one of the wheel pins, for reasons i can’t imagine,.but that leaves one that i can use as a pattern for a blacksmith to replace them, along with the little ram’s horn nuts to hold them in.  when i go back to brigadoon in less than four months, now (!), i’ll see if maybe ron howard might be able to help me;  he made the orifice hook on the right;maybe he will make me some hardware to go with the pin in the middle.


so today i filled up one bobbin of easily spun bfl, and put another application of stripper on bonnie.  this is what she’s looking like now with the moa and maidens done, and a quadrant of the wheel begun on both sides.


mystery awaits.  i thought after i finish the second bobbin of bfl, i’ll try plying them on mystery.  i have yet to use her, myself.