Saturday, October 22, 2011

i am not worthy

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beauteous liz

when i splurged on my spinning chair last month, paying just about full spinning chair price, it never occurred to me that it was simply an early arrival cooling its heels while awaiting its perfect match, but…?


meet liz.  she’s a very early ashford elizabeth, which was introduced in 1982 or so; this one was purchased in 1985 and sold, to me, on ebay just this week by her original owner, a lovely lady in boca.  at first i feared i might have overpaid, but then she arrived.  wow.  and she came with four spinning books from the 70s-80s, a set of hand carders and, of course, her matching horizontal lazy kate and four bobbins. she is enthroned in the living room, across from ash who, like me, is a bit in awe.

and so!  four.  i seem to be leaning more toward vintage than antique these days.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

happy october!



this is what mystery makes:


as yet untold yards of about 40 wpi corriedale singles, weighing around an ounce. this plying ball is one bobbin-ful, and is larger than a golf ball, but not nearly so large as a tennis ball, tightly wound and full of life!  somewhere around here in one of these books there’s a table showing what the different plies will come out to judged by the wpi of the singles, but i can’t find it just now.  suffice to say this will be lotsa yards of 2-ply fine yarn.  maybe i'll try 3plying some, i don’t know—i don’t really use all that much laceweight!.

also, it’s taken me all this time to notice that her hooks are on the left, instead of the right, flyer arm.  i don’t know what that means, exactly, but she sure is easy to work with, now that i know how!

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