Saturday, October 1, 2011


this is what mystery makes:


as yet untold yards of about 40 wpi corriedale singles, weighing around an ounce. this plying ball is one bobbin-ful, and is larger than a golf ball, but not nearly so large as a tennis ball, tightly wound and full of life!  somewhere around here in one of these books there’s a table showing what the different plies will come out to judged by the wpi of the singles, but i can’t find it just now.  suffice to say this will be lotsa yards of 2-ply fine yarn.  maybe i'll try 3plying some, i don’t know—i don’t really use all that much laceweight!.

also, it’s taken me all this time to notice that her hooks are on the left, instead of the right, flyer arm.  i don’t know what that means, exactly, but she sure is easy to work with, now that i know how!

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