Saturday, October 22, 2011

beauteous liz

when i splurged on my spinning chair last month, paying just about full spinning chair price, it never occurred to me that it was simply an early arrival cooling its heels while awaiting its perfect match, but…?


meet liz.  she’s a very early ashford elizabeth, which was introduced in 1982 or so; this one was purchased in 1985 and sold, to me, on ebay just this week by her original owner, a lovely lady in boca.  at first i feared i might have overpaid, but then she arrived.  wow.  and she came with four spinning books from the 70s-80s, a set of hand carders and, of course, her matching horizontal lazy kate and four bobbins. she is enthroned in the living room, across from ash who, like me, is a bit in awe.

and so!  four.  i seem to be leaning more toward vintage than antique these days.


  1. she's fabulous!! welcome liz and congrats e! how do you like the spinning chair? are they useful or just pretty?

  2. i really had been needing a proper chair to spin in. i have abbout elebemty chairs all over the place, but all are odd and none at all comfortable for spinning. this one is. i thought, after i'd bought it and then found an antique one seemingly on sale for cheaper on ebay, that i mught just end up selling this one after all...until the antique one skyrocketed up to much more than this one was at the last minute. so i guess you really do have to pay, but i think it's worth it.

    now if i can just figure out how to make liz, who spins her dd beautifully, take up when she's plying...