Sunday, May 8, 2011


i bought a small niddy noddy with the kind of turning that’s on bonnie, and realized i could practice on it until i get the finish i want.


this isn’t it.  it could be if it was really that blue, but it’s really much more navy than in the photo.  i’ve sent back for some white milk paint so i can see what will happen if i lighten it up some.  this is a wash of ultramarine, then a coat of tung, then sanded. i think it’s going to take awhile, probably longer than i have before brigadoon, so i’ll come back to it in august, if so.

btw, this is what i got when i couldn’t find the 3m contour pad thingys that frazzle made up recommended.:)



cleaned the rust off the flyer with wd40 and put a coat of tung on the flyer and bobbin.


(took them apart to oil; just put them back together for the picture.) boy, were  they thirsty, especially on the flat ends. it took lots of slathering before i even got a shine! (i didn’t put any in the grooves of the whorl, having heard, i think, that it can cause slippage?  should i?)

while i was at it, i put a coat on ash’s unfinished upgraded flyer, too.


also thirsty, and no oil in the whorl grooves, although this is younger wood and is wicking it up in there some, i think.

first thing this morning i already had gone to home despot and bought (along with the fake steel wool) a package of 84 assorted springs (!) for under $5.  i used this one to replace the rubber band brake, which i’d realized was being thwacked by the flyer at every rotation.


and guess what?  i’m back in business! :D

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  1. no, i'm not. i took him to the spinning group this afternoon and was told he's now too tight. nothing's ever good enough and i'm getting really really discouraged: up, down, up, down. :(

  2. tiny, tiny adjustments... esp once you get spinning. also no oil on whorl grooves from what i've read. how do you like the tung oil? you're using pure, right? looks great in the pics.

  3. looks like blogger's back up!

    yes, pure. i like it fine. i'm using BLO on mystery, but the milk paint company recommended the tung so i thought i'd vary on bonnie. (ash just gets natchez solution, for upkeep:)

    no adjustments at all: the brake line is too short to be able to start at completely slack, which means there's too much tension no matter what, or so i'm told. so i hadda order ashford springs and line anyway. i'll be installing them in tomorrow's instalment...

  4. i mean the rest of ash, which is already finished. not this upgraded flyer, which wasn't; it gets tung.