Saturday, May 14, 2011

at long last

it’s at least beginning to work.

with the new official spring brake system i  managed to get ash to spin as consistently as i am, to date, able.  but the first skein i broke off after plying what turned out to be 12 yardsskein 1 12 yds bad z ply

because ash just wasn’t taking up on the ply and i was pretty much turning the bobbin by hand.  i skeined it up and, of course, it twisted badly in the Z direction. after restringing the rear spring an inch or so higher so i could actually tighten it while plying, i got this:

skein 2 17 yds even ply

this skeined up to 17 yards with no visible ply twist.  here are the two skeins, for comparison.

bad z ply/even ply

laughable, of course, but then they’re supposed to be.  i spun up nearly every stray scrap and, remember, this is all the various weekends’ worth of trial and error, not just today’s, added up to 29 yards of definitely thick and thin yarf. but. hey, i’m on my way!

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