Sunday, June 5, 2011

a very frustrating weekend

very. no pictures even.

i couldn’t make ash spin anything at all yesterday and got so frustrated i felt like i was going to have a coronary.  either it disappeared up  the pipe or just fell apart when i tried to pull it back out, and it was the same nz mixed top i  did so well with last week.  and then, regarding that, i’d asked a simple question on one of the ravelry forums and got back such insultingly condescending, idiotic ‘answers”—to the effect of who did i think i was, anyway?-- that i swore i would never do THAT again.  so now i have nowhere to go. spinning was a total bust..

so today i tried some stripping of bonnie and got a bit more started.  it’s looking increasingly like i’m just going to oil this wheel as the wood and its and subsequent depravations are too good to lose.  then  i managed to lose the  150 year old norwegian hand wrought hardware i’d been soaking in wd40 for a week. i simply have no idea where i put it this morning when i took it out of the dish.  i even went through the garbage i already had taken out to the dumpster and then this evening, in total desperation, brought back in today’s three bags, back to the porch (in a bigger bag) just in case i’d somehow missed it.  i have no idea where i could have put it.  but i figure if i don’t get  rid of the garbage, at least it can’t go anywhere right?

a VEry fRUSTRAting weekend.  at least i got the leftover bit of leather in the rear maiden out.  had to gouge out the peg that was holding it in, with a nail, and it didn’t help the surrounding wood,which already looked somewhat disintegrated.  started a triangular shawl from the bits of spinning i’ve done before.  it looks like crap of course, but i figure i’ll just keep making it until it doesn’t look like crap.  it even got so bad yesterday i briefly posted on ravelry somewhere that i quit.  but i don’t quit, of course.  i’m hoping that several weeks on my own in brigadoon will get something happening—maybe martha will be in town and i can buy an hour of spinning lesson with her, and that will help.  something has to.


  1. don't quit! I'm trying to live vicariously through your restoration since I gave up Mina! (I'm dangerpuddle over on Rav.)

    I learned to spin way back when I was about 8 or 10 or something, but then didn't actually DO anything with the knowledge until about 5 years ago. Then I started it up again. It's still a learning process.

    Please PM me on rav if i can help with anything? I'm in the antique forum as well (which is where I found you and your blog. ;) I'm happy to help in any way I can.

  2. thanks. i won't quit. i never do. i have no idea what would help, but continuing last saturday was NOT it!

    sorry to mention that after this weekend the restoration will go on hold until late july as i'll be in brigadoon for more than a month. :D i may get a bit more BLUE!stripping done this weekend, i don't know, and i'll post pictures if so, but not a lot til august, i fear.

    i'll still be posting here, though, as i'm taking ash with me and will continue to try:)

  3. Sometimes taking a bit of time away is a good thing. I sold my Mina to Emily and I miss Mina horribly, but I feel so much better. There no feeling of guilt and self loathing because here is this thing that I feel I "OUGHT" to be doing, but am not. I don't think i will ever get another deal like I got with Mina, but later I will possibly be in a position to take another stab at restoring a wheel.

    And in the meantime, I still have 4 wheels to spin on and I can spend time trying to make a dent in the spinning stash and getting to be a better spinner. (Maybe someday actually have even yarn from start to finish. ;)

    I'm serious, though, if you want to bounce ideas, i am happy to discuss spinning! :D

  4. I had similar trouble this weekend with some new BFL/silk top I was starting to spin. I just couldn't get enough twist in there and it would just slide gracefully apart.

    I nearly threw it all across the room.