Monday, June 27, 2011


this morning’s work produced about 200 yds of corriedale singles wound into a plying ball and then 2plied100 yds corriedale 2 ply

making just over 100 yds on the niddy noddy.

100 yds corriedale 2 ply100 yds corriedale 2 ply


I think I’m getting closer, anyway.  I want even fingering in the long run…

I really had hoped to buy some spinning lessons from martha while I’m here, but pam said she’s going to france for Annie fain’s wedding!  so I guess I’ll remain self-taught (except for spinning some with pam at yarn circle, of course.:)  I sent for the aldon amos book from interweave and asked them to send it here, so that will give me something to study, as well as practice. this is my starting place.


tour de fleece. here I come!

eta:  I skeined that up and it came out still 12 wpi! so I saddled ash up again in the evening and spun while the guys were doing their evening chores, out in the garden and over at the barn.  what a lovely evening; I spun until the boys went away and then the fireflies came out.



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