Friday, April 29, 2011

bonnie: difficulty one

getting what’s left of the leathers out of the maidens.


the front one is “held” in by a modern screw (!).  it can’t be very old as it turns easily.


too easily. it strips on whatever it is that it’s holding-- i guess the remaining leather?—and just goes round and round, once i finally managed to get a paring knife edge in the slot  head.


the other one has a tack, or nail, not a screw, but it is painted in and the leather itself is embedded into the slot in the maiden.  there is wiggle room between the leather and the slot, but no  purchase. and the wood’s pretty soft.

the first task will be to get them out.

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  1. did you see on rav, there was a recommendation to soak it in neat oil? i didn't see that until after i pulled mine out, one tiny piece of leather at a time.