Saturday, November 26, 2011

erm, plus JO!

not in the plan, but….


happy thanksgiving surprise, jo lives here now. jo is a cpw of obvious lineage (jeremie (?) ouelet, quebec, last quarter on the 19th C.) who just popped up on craigslist in brooksville, alerted the troops and, almost before i really knew it, was here. easily the least expensive in the collection (by half!) she only needed some minor tweaking and a spa day and she's spinning very smoothly... not unlike liz, actually.

so now i have five (5) wheels. why? what will i do with them all? none have been here long enough for me to want to sell any of them yet. but  i’m still on my honeymoon with liz, so jo is just going to have to stand in line.

or in a back corner in the living room, actually. videos:

heeere’s jo!
jo all clean


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